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As a community owned theater, the Panida depends on the participation of all kinds of people with all kinds of support. While financial assistance is very important to the theater one element of support that is just as important as money is time: the time people give to the Panida. We would be lost were it not for the Friends of The Panida.

An informal group, the Friends of the Panida are dedicated to the theater. Their time is spent volunteering during events at the theater and in the community at special fund raising projects. Volunteers help with ticket sales, ticket taking, concessions, and ushering for events presented by the Panida. In addition to the Panida-produced events the theater is frequently rented by other community organizations, such as POAC and the Unicorn Theater, which require volunteers in a similar capacity. Visiting performing artists use the Panida as a venue and volunteers are, of course, needed!

Our beautiful, historic Panida Theater has been home to a variety of performances. Our Mission: “Inspiring cultural enrichment, education and entertainment through the arts for all generations.” includes producers and patrons and we appreciate your community support by renting the theater. We offer our Panida Main Theater with a full stage and a seating capacity of 450. Movies, dance and live performances, theatre, and more. We also offer our Little Theater – which can be used for business presentations, movies, concerts, a black box theater and more with a seated capacity of 65. Please fill out an event scheduling form or send us an email to request more information.

Please complete the Panida Event Request Booking form and we will contact you with any questions and/or prepare a contract draft. With the agreement of the contract, we will ask for a deposit to hold the dates/times that you request. If you are a non-profit organization, we require a copy of your current 501(c) 3 status if we don’t have it on file. Additionally, a copy of your liability policy listing the Panida as additional insured will need to accompany the contract.

Please note: A “Rental Day” consists of one performance between the hours of 8 AM and 1 PM OR one performance between 3 PM and 10 PM unless otherwise contracted. Full day rates are available upon request.

The fees are dependent upon various factors including equipment requirements, the degree of technical and promotional support required, day of the week and your non-profit status. Please note if you will need additional items such as the use of our grand piano, our dance flooring, microphones, etc.

We will include on the contract a specific “set up/rehearsal” time/schedule depending upon your requirements.

Concessions and beer and wine service are available for each rental. Please let us know if you have any questions or specific requests related to this service. No outside food or beverages are allowed.

Please let us know if you have additional requirements we may not be aware of. FEES FOR UNIQUE OR OUT OF THE ORDINARY REQUESTS ARE DETERMINED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS For some large events, we may include in the contract fees for additional cleaning, dumpster costs and security.

Additional security can be contracted through outside security agencies.

The Panida Theater provides concessions and beer/wine at ALL theater events unless specified.

Panida theater Business Line: 208 255-7801


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Panida Event Request Booking


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The Panida Theater currently provides General Admission Seating. Seats are provided on a first come / first serve basis, with the exception of VIP seating available at some events.

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