We Have a New Roof!

We Have a New Roof!

The historic Panida Theater in Sandpoint has a new roof, thanks to the generosity of its many committed supporters.

“The Panida Board of Directors, along with their staff, volunteers and patrons, want to express their gratitude to all those who worked together to raise $130,000 for the new roof,” says Board member Foster Cline, Chairman of the Fundraising & Grants Committee. “We sincerely thank all those in Idaho, and especially Bonner County residents, who helped us. Although a new roof may not be an exciting or visually evident project, without that roof all that goes on beneath it is endangered. It was a priority, and we thank everyone who made it a reality.”

Special thanks go to Heather Upton and Cheryl Hughes with the City of Sandpoint, Chris Bessler CEO & Publisher of Keokee Media + Marketing, Jerry Miller with Idaho Commerce, Cody Pearson with Fisher Roofing, and the Foundations whose generosity made this critical improvement possible: Equinox, The Confidence Foundation, Laura Moore Cunningham, The Community Assistance League, The State Department of Commerce with their Gem Grant, and of course, The Idaho Heritage Trust.

"We especially want to say thanks to Ting Internet, whose generous pledge to provide up to $200,000 in matching funds has already in less than a year inspired more than 350 donations from individuals, in amounts ranging from $5 to $5,000. "Those donations, and Ting's match, put us over the top to meet this first big expense for the roof – and will continue fueling the Century Fund as we turn to other critical needs at the Panida," said Fundraising Chair Foster Cline.

The beloved First Street icon is ready for many more years of community service in the arts, thanks to the wonderful people who love the Panida Theater.

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