The historic and much-loved Panida marquee will once again illuminate our downtown with colorful brilliance! The Board of the Panida Theater would like to thank the Innovia, Equinox and Confidence Foundations for their generosity as together with the support of so many others in our community they helped achieve the goal of “UNITE TO LIGHT THE MARQUEE.”

LED lighting is newly installed in the reader panels. The old neon is removed, and the YESCO sign company is now in the process of bending the new neon that will light our downtown. The company’s eighty-two year old glass-bending expert is one of the few capable of this art! The entire marquee structure is being cleaned and repainted by the staff, including the original fabricated “Panida” letters.

Board Chair Keely Gray notes, “We look forward, after this work in progress is completed, to celebrating with the community the return of our unique antique wonder that has, for so many decades, lit both our hearts and 1st Avenue."

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