Meet the new Managing Director at the Panida

Hi There!

My name is Lauren and I’m the new Managing Director at the Panida. February 1 marks my official start date but over the past few weeks, I’ve been slowly meeting everyone who is responsible for making the Panida the magical place that it is. And I have been overwhelmed by the commitment and heart our volunteers, Board Members, House Manager, and Projectionist give to the Panida. Thank you to everyone who has shown me such a warm welcome.

Now, onto Panida News. We have a very exciting show coming to you this summer. On February 3 Graham Nash tickets will be going on sale. The promoter Too Far North Productions brought Graham Nash to the Panida many years ago and they approached us with the opportunity for him to play at the Panida this summer and we JUMPED on it. I can’t wait to have Graham Nash's music playing from the Panida. 

The Panida is your theater so if there is a show or entertainment you’d like to see please don’t hesitate to reach out - I want to make sure the Panida brings you joy and lasting memories.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I send well wishes to you and your loved ones.


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