Jeff Tweedy with special guest Le Ren!

Hi Panida Patrons!

This Wednesday marks a special evening for us as Jeff Tweedy the lead singer of WILCO will be performing at the Panida Theater!

This solo acoustic tour has been noted as a magical evening where you feel like you leave knowing Tweedy as a friend. It could be because of his banter with the crowd or how his lyrics are a window into his personal life that resonate with the soul. Concert goers have walked away feeling as if they were the only person in the room.

“I want to talk about songs that gave me permission to be creative…to be myself,” Tweedy said in a statement in RollingStone Magazine. “To say something that was hard to say. I’ll be telling stories from my life, focusing on a true-to-memory style of how it really felt to me, how I experienced things emotionally. And then I want to talk about music in the same way. I want to talk about music in a way that it rarely gets talked about. I want to talk about the world within the song.” One song by an artist who inspired him that he recently covered is “Union Maid” by Woody Guthrie.

Le Ren opens up the concert, Le Ren is a musician who is opening up a new chapter into folk music.

Tickets are still on sale but selling out quick! You can buy tickets here

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