Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day holds different meanings for each of us and as we move through this day we each process love and emotion in a variety of forms and all forms are valid. 

At the Panida we feel love from our Patrons every day in a variety of ways:

  • Some of you show love by volunteering your time. 
  • Some of you show love by sharing laughter with us while we enjoy a show. 
  • Some of you show love by sharing your gifts through a performance on stage. 
  • Some of you share your love through donations. 

No matter how you show the Panida love we thank you and want you to know that on this Valentine's Day that you are truly special.

Make the Panida Your Valentine and donate to the Century Fund today so we can continue to share experiences at the Panida for years to come!

With Love,


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