JOB TITLE: Technical and Maintenance Coordinator
POSITION TYPE: 30 or more hours per week (depending upon event schedule)
PAY: $20 per hour
REPORTS TO: Managing Director

Position Summary:

The Technical and Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for the Theater’s technical systems and overall maintenance. This position includes both the main theater and the Little Theater. Along with the Managing Director (MD), the Technical and Maintenance Coordinator will assist in the management of  event operations and logistics.

The major job functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Perform/supervise repairs, installations, and planning for the various technical systems (including, but not limited to, the HVAC systems, the plumbing/electrical systems, house & lighting systems, stage maintenance and operation, and sound systems)

Operate sound and lighting for all theater events

Collaborate with the technical teams of performers

Manage and oversee the Facilities staff

Maintain an accurate record of maintenance and repairs with a monthly report of the facilities to the MD

Assist MD in all areas of event/program booking and scheduling, including event coverage, promotion, and management

Maintain relevant inventory

Demonstrate web development skills

Maintain a well-organized and clean work environment

Provide attentive, friendly, and accurate customer service

Anticipate, evaluate, and problem-solve technical issues as they arise

Keep close contact with MD and provide all necessary information

Is presene or has another suitable staff member at all performances to coordinate, troubleshoot, and meet the technical maintenance issues that may arise at performances or films

Additional tasks as deemed necessary by MD

TO APPLY: Submit a letter of interest and resume no later than Thursday, 30 September 2021, to


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