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    September 15 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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About Us

Our History

The PANIDA Theater

The Panida theater opened as a vaudeville and movie house in 1927. Then, as now, its name reflected its mission: to showcase great performers and performances for audiences of the PANhandle of IDAho.

Opening night patrons marveled at both the distinctive architecture and lush interior furnishings of the Panida, and the press praised its Spanish Mission styling for beauty which cannot be approached by any other building In the city, and which can be equaled by few theaters in the west.” Decades of glory faded into years of neglect before, major fundraising and restoration efforts by the

Sandpoint community saved the Panida In 1985. Today, with projects to preserve and improve the theater ongoing, the Panida is on the National Register of Historic Places and has received special recognition from the governor of Idaho, the Idaho Commission of the Arts, the Idaho Centennial Commission and the U.S. Department of the Interior. Honored with both “Take Pride in Idaho” and “America” awards, the Panida has also received the coveted “Orchid Award” for historic preservation from the Idaho Historic Preservation Council. The Panida is the cornerstone of cultural activities for the entire Sandpoint community, and its successful restoration has inspired similar projects throughout the region. Whether hosting local performers, recording stars such as Bonnie Raitt, Arlo Guthrie, Wynton Marsalis and Mitch Miller, or internationally renowned artists like Gunther Schuller, the Spokane Symphony, San Francisco Opera, the Cavini String Quartet or the Paris Chamber Ensemble . . . the Panida theater

continues to bring the best in entertainment to the people of North Idaho. What lured audiences to the Panida for vaudevilie shows and the “talkies” still brings crowds in today: the promise of performance. For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Panida has made good on that promise. Its easy to see – and hear – why the Panida is so treasured by Sandpoint. There’s truly not a bad seat in this house that can hold 540. And its acoustic perfection makes the Panida a delight for performers and audience-goers alike. From intimate recital to Broadway-size musical, it’s an ideal venue. That’s why so many touring troupes go out of their way to book the Panida, bringing entertainment to Sandpoint that would otherwise be availabie no closer than Spokane. As the area’s only performing arts facility, the Panida enjoys an exceptionally high audience rate for its audience base: in a community of just 5000, house size averages nearly 230 at each of over 144 performances scheduled annually.

The Panida Theater Board & Staff 2013-14

panida board member group photo 2014

Current Board Members


We have openings on our board. Please use the link below to download the application.

The Panida Theater – Board Application 2014-15

Learn More About the Board Members

Almost 20 years of community volunteer experiences in Southern California and Hope, an extensive career in senior administrative roles in major corporations and law firms, and a penchant for doing things thoroughly and with excellence.

Abby Ullman

Board Member

A life dedicated to serving communities in 4 states with a great commitment to the arts. Most recently Carol serves as the Chair of the Sandpoint Arts Commission and on the Advisory Board of POAC. She’s a former college faculty member and served in sales and consulting in the medical technology area.

Carol Deaner

Board Member

Our Vice Chair and Facilities Committee Chair, more than 20 years of community service volunteer work in N. Idaho and Seattle, and retired from large telecommunication corporations.

Jim Corcoran

Board Member

The current Board Chair, has almost 30 years of non-profit board experience in 3 communities, and an organizational development and management coaching background

Phil Ronniger

Board Member

Writer of 132 grants for the Panida in the last 4 years, a tireless devotion to the restoration of the Panida, and a former Agent to NYC photographers.

Phyllis Goodwin

Board Member

A recent MBA graduate in Marketing, a 20+ year career in the U.S. Army and current U.S. Forest Service staff person, and knowledgeable and passionate about social media and marketing strategies.

Regina Mundell

Board Member

The Theatre Arts Director and Instructor at the Music Conservatory of Sandpoint, co-founded and operated the “front end” of a Sonoma restaurant, and a native of Sandpoint performing and learning on the Panida stage.

Sarah Caruso

Board Member

One of the 3 “Mothers” who spearheaded the purchase of the Panida for the community in 1985, a continuous volunteer at the Panida, and currently the Bookmobile Driver and Public Services Coordinator at the East Bonner County Library.

Susan Bates-Harbuck

Board Member

Our Secretary/Treasurer, a Panida volunteer for more than 15 years and Volunteer Coordinator for 8 of those years, employed by the Lake Pend Oreille School District for over 27 years, currently serving as District Assessment Coordinator & District School Office Coordinator, and a former NYC theater student and performer.

Tari Pardini

Board Member

Stage Manager and Technical Director-Serving the Panida for more than 25 years having a facility with wiring, paint brushes, hammers, electronics, film equipment, lighting and many other tools and mechanical systems.

Bill Lewis

Staff Member

Business and Development Manager - Maureen manages the business operations of the Panida Theater including business development, human resource functions, payroll and expenses, fundraising and grant writing. Maureen is a nationally certified grant writer, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business & Communications and is tireless in her support of the Panida Theater.

Maureen Tillberg

Staff Member

Manages, trains and schedules the concessions and ticketing volunteers for both the Panida and the Little PanidaTheater. She oversees the opening, services and closing of the Theater during performances and films.

Shelley Allen

Staff Member

Student representative at Sandpoint High School. Secretary/Treasurer of the Junior Class. President of the Human Rights Club and student liaison to the Bonner Country Human Rights Task Force. Plans to study neuroscience after graduation.

Katelyn Bruhjell